pure water explained

Laboratory grade pure water which we use to clean your windows is the end product of our water purification process called reverse osmosis.

This involves mains water being forced under pressure ( 80 – 100 psi ) through a set of pre filters then along into two 150 GPD Reverse Osmosis membranes to produce water measuring around 010 parts per million (ppm) TDS (Toal Dissolved Solids).

One final process using de-ionisation resin completes the process and brings the water down to 000 ppm ensuring 100% pure water.

By way of a comparison drinking water contains up to 50 parts per million

The end product of the reverse osmosis process is water that has been completely stripped of all the natural minerals commonly found in mains water, including any additives that may have been added during the water treatment process.

Reverse osmosis water acts as a natural and eco friendly cleaning agent. With all the impurities removed it will now absorb dirt and grime whilst breaking down any other deposits such as bird mess and traffic film.

Unlike traditional methods where cleaning solution is used, there is no grime attracting residue left behind with pure water. Cleaning frequencies can be extended and windows will noticeably remain cleaner for longer periods.

The introduction of the ‘water fed pole’ has revolutionised one of the oldest trades. Windows can be cleaned to the highest standards from the safety of the ground without the need for expensive access equipment. This method is quick, safe and is more effective.

Our van mounted water fed pole system is fully mobile enabling us to operate from a static position within a 200 metre radius. Even if there is no rear access to your property we can work from the front with just one hosepipe and without the need to carry ladders and buckets across your premises.

Frames and sills are cleaned first and then the glass. Once all the dirt is removed the glass is given a final rinse and windows are then left to dry naturally without the need to squeegee.

With our tallest poles reaching a safe working height of 55 feet we can clean windows to a high standard from a standing position with both feet firmly on the ground. Using a water fed pole to clean a window is the safe alternative to traditional ladder methods.

Please click here for further information regarding the HSE working at height regulations